Kamen Rider Build – 28


Torrent (Alt) – SD Torrent (Alt) – DDL (SD – HS) – Script – Stream

unbreakable body

Fontpack Link


8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build – 28

  1. Love how you blocked my twitter because you got mad that I complained about an episode being like 5 days late. Learn to take some salt or dont go on the internet kid


    • Considering you were insulting the team for being late by calling them a dead group when one of their primary members were suffering from genuine health problems. I think a block is plenty justified. No one has to listen to whining


    • Learn to be grateful kid.. It not like you pay them to work on making this sub…
      It’s good enough that they still bring the sub out…
      I’ve seen people who work as online translator (for novel mostly), delay the release of their work because they don’t feel appreciated by people like you… Some even stop translating…
      If you’re impatient to watch the episode, why not make the sub yourself…


  2. Thanks for your effort guys! I’m having trouble with the subs. Y copypasted the script on a txt, am I doing it wrong? thanks in advance


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