Be The One CD RIP

FLAC Torrent (Alt) – MP3 Torrent (Alt) – FLAC DDL – MP3 DDL


  • 01 Be The One.flac/mp3
  • 02 proud of you.flac/mp3
  • Booklet scans
  • Typed up lyrics

Unfortunately, there are no instrumentals for any released version of the CD, so we’ll have to wait until the CD Box comes out in September. See you then!


5 thoughts on “Be The One CD RIP

  1. thanks a lot for this, also if plans the sub the full version of the music video you think you can also include the soft subs of the trailers you had posted on twitter?


  2. so, with the actual lyrics for the song is out, when it gets to episode 24, will you be making another batch with ep 1 through 12 getting another revision to update the song or just the script versions for them?


  3. Hi bro!
    Thanks for sharing! I appreciate what you have done for our kamen rider fans. Unfortunately, the download link is broken, I cannot download it via torrent. Could you reupload the file to other netdisk? Thank you so much!


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