Kamen Rider Build – Batch 1


Torrent (Alt) – SD Torrent (Alt) – DDL

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you guys had a great holiday season! Here’s that long-due release batch of Episodes 1-12, along with the three Transformation Courses and the Be The One MV in TV Size. They’re all redone to our current episode standards, so I’d suggest replacing your old Episode files with these ones. Thanks for supporting us the past couple months, we’re all newbies at this whole thing and hope you’ll like our future releases. Hibiki 1, Orb Origin 1-12, Kuuga Vol. 1, and the rest of the Fuuto Tantei chapters will be released very soon, so stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build – Batch 1

  1. thanks for the newer subs, as well as keeping the names of the Fullbottles and Build’s forms as they are, although why didn’t you kept the names of Build’s weapons as they are like the Kaizoku Hassyar bow like weapon and the 4 Koma Ninpoutou pen/sword weapon?


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