Masked Rider Kuuga Manga – 1-01

Torrent (Alt)DDLBatotoScript

Another unexpected project that rises to the release board. This manga comes in volumes with around 5 episodes (chapters) each. We’ll be releasing these episodes monthly (or apparently bi-weekly) with a volume release at the end (There are currently 7 volumes/31 episodes out and more coming along the way). Hope you guys enjoy this little thing we’re doing to pass the time!

The Team

  • Translator: revolutionpotato
  • Cleaning: Deltascourge
  • Typesetting: ExceedCharge and Deltascourge
  • Mascot: ゲンム (???)

6 thoughts on “Masked Rider Kuuga Manga – 1-01

  1. hello. thank you for translating kamen rider kuuga. I hope you guys also translate kamen rider spirits and Shin kamen rider spirits.


  2. Well thank you for actually doing this, I couldn’t find any decent full raws for this one, also volume 8 should be out a few months fromm now


  3. say, do you think you can double check them, cause it seems some needed to be two-panel version like the color pages for this one.


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